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If i hold button in it works if i let go shuts off what could it be?
09 dodge nitro.when i turn my air on high nothing comes out works on low & med i hold the button in then it works but soon as i let go it goes off
What seems to make the problem better or worse? If i continually hold button in on high it works
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
Can be 5 times a day or once. Brake goes in antilock mode on dry pavement. Could even be in the middle of braking . No noises, no grinding just pulsating. Took to mechanic 3 times, ran car with computer hook up. Light does not come on. Sensor was cracked and it was replaced. How safe is it to drive if no one can find anything wrong?
Driving and randomly I'll here a loud clicking like the starter then motor cuts out and I'll let off gas till it stops then abs esp and traction lights come on. Then lights will randomly go off for a day or two then driving and it cuts out again and lights come back on. It's not showing any codes
Took the car to dealership where purchased and they told me the first time that it was a wheeling bearing on the left front. Went okay for a couple of weeks and the sound came back and they said it was the other front wheel bearing and that was replaced and noise appeared again today from the front again and I want to know if anyone has ever had this problem or if there is a recall that I was never told about or a notice was never send.
it only stalls when i have started it. have had it looked at no error messages. fuel pump ok egr valve ok new throttle body. it doesnt do it all the time. today when turning it over nothing 3 x then started.
help please. any ideas?
Airbag warning light to 2009 dodge Nitro diesel after driving for 5 minutes and continues to come on and go off. This just started last week. Has continued daily since it started.
why is this?
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