2008 Dodge Nitro Questions

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The car will not always turn over. On occasion, if you leave the key in for 5-10 seconds it start up.
noticed last night the warning light that the passenger air bag was turned off.. why and how do I turn it back on?
Dodge nitro 2008 costly how much in 2008?
Next to where I saw the light come on I see Esp bas when I turn the key.
I've tuned up my truck had the radiated flushed and refill and had my oil system flushed and refilled also I have know idea what's going on.
The average price to reset the key funtions
The gate is secure but the sensor saying gate won't go out now.
The anti-theft system may cause a no start condition due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) affecting the wireless control module (WCM) I think thats what happend to me
My Nitro still over heating after I replaced the Waterpump and Thermostat..?? Also I checked oil dipstick too no sign of yellow/orange sludge..But when I parked it when overheated the coolant antifreeze level is stil the same doesn't seem to be going down..Also notice the Rad Fan ain't spinning when u first start the vehicle ?? Hmmmm help ??
Hi and low beam lights kick on and off 3 times when
I turn them on then just stay out. All of my other lights work . What would cause that?
Unable to locate fuse for cruise control
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