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I never had any major issues with my Nitro but just recently, I had to have the serpentine and tension belts replaced along with the front brakes. My truck was in the shop for about a month and when I get it back, the a/c is not blowing cold. It was blowing cold before so what could be the problem? It is not overheating as the temp gauge stays in the middle.
Last week gas was put in. The needle registered half full then full then empty. Truck shut down. Went and put more gas in truck started got it home. 2 days later same thing. Got the truck home. Next day did it again only this time it wouldn't start. Had it towed to Goodyear they kept it for a day. When the mechanic got in it truck started. So they told me they couldn't find the problem unless it did it with them. They kept it for a day off and on just driving it around the block. Said they couldn't go on the interstate with it because if it broke down I would have to pay another 150 towing fee. So I picked it up this morning. Need answers on the problem. Could it be the fuel pump?
The light Flickr after its run the blinkers and wipers and volume control does not work car run and drive great
everytime it running lights jumping right window wont roll down controls on streering wheel blinker lights don't work dash light flickers but it runs and driver great
Basically what I said, I drove about 5 miles then noticed it smoking, and went home. The Tires were so hot you couldn't even touch them.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when you drive it.
How long have you had this problem? A few days.
My car will not go over 25 miles an hour. We took it to the dealer and they want to charge over 1000 dollars to replace the speed sensor. Because it is electronic it is not covered in our warranty
car acts like misfireing
Car won't start. Lights was flashing on and off while car off. Radiator gauge drop. Had battery and alternator tested still won't start. What is the problem. 2007
when parking lights are turned off and key is removed from ignition park lights still stay on and have to disconnect battery cable to get them to turn off
Drove 2 the store esp light came on car sounded like it was falling apart the light went 2 flashing rapidly would go out come back on at the same time the car sounded like gears grinding didn't want to go like it was falling apart haven't driven it since
two heater hoses are hot ?
Changed starter still not starting,checked starter relay, its fine , battery life is good. Need help with this one.
These are obviously not original tires for my vehicle. And honestly I don't even know if these are the appropriate tires for my vehicle.
Only the left side is not working, I replaced the bulb and the fuse and its still not working!
It's been 2 years in 2014, my passenger side window/lock just stop working.. I guess it's just me and never cared but when friends sit in back it would be nice to let them have window down.. Is this a issue wth Nitro's? I own it .. I guess I should get it fixed took to Firestone tech worked on truck 2 hours couldn't find problem I guess now I'm go have to bite he bullet an pay $125.. So dodge can check it out I have replaced my 2 front struts/brakes rotors/muffler/sway link bar/serpentine belt 3 times/and just had water pump put ok Friday 7/29/16.. Now check engine light came on , it's an 07 basic model 3.7 engine, I got it when they 1st came out.. Do not have larger engine .. Had 3 recalls just one issue after another.. What could be the issue now catalytic converter?.. So sick of all these issues, truck paid off may have to just get a newer vehicle and advice?
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