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Is have a 2005 Dodge neon the starts and runs but has smoke and gas leaking out of my exhaust pipe and my oil and check engine light are on
lots of smoke when reving and gas coming out exhaust even when ideling
When I turn the key it turns over but it is not firing, I changed the coil pack and the crank sensor and it still doesn't fire, help please
The car turns over but it's not firing, changed coil pack and crank shaft sensor and still nothing
no power to anything!! Battery is fully charged, no obvious loose cables, etc.
replaced fuel pressure regulator, oil pressure, crank, cam sensors as well as plugs and coil but still wont start its getting spark and fuel i just don't understand
Hapoens all time. Ihave no idea what it is. Rebuilt the motor and it ran for a month before dieng dying.
How long have you had this problem? About a month
Where my plug wires meet the plug itself there is oil saturating my plug wires why and how to fix?
It wouldn't go into any gear so I took the center console out and the reverse shift cable was off along with the bushing. What pieces or parts will I need to repair? Nothing is wrong with the shift cable it's just the bushing won't stay on the shaft.
Accidently got wrong valves from online (no return) source.

Any help?
My ignition lock cylinder won't turn
Car was running fine. Changed slave cylinder car started up. Then some codes came on erased them n now the car won't start. P0633 code is on. Called a locksmith and he said my key was programmed and good to go. Car still doesn't start.
And the battery and the alternor and it still kill on me
just changed spark plugs, plug wires, ignition coil. now it wont start turns over but wont start
Is the ignition from 2003 dodge neon compatible with a 2005 dodge neon?
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