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I am just asking how can I tell if my car is a high output motor in it. It a 2004 dodge neon 2.0L
Ok I have a dogde.neon 2004 why does oil light come on when I come to a complete stop
It was raining really hard when this happened
when I was driving the car cut off and the red light came on, still had power but will not let the engine start. I had change the fuse but it blew it out and the light is still on.
How much is the price for code po700 for 2003 dodge neon 2.0 for transmission
thay got mixed on me
Is that all the part I need for my car.
Other than that the car has been real good and reliable but whenever I drive a Friend they always say get a tune up. However, the gas mileage is real good, over 30 on hwy. Car is maintained by good mechanic. Might this be a computer issue? I've used fuel injector cleaners etc but same result. Never had it chacked b/c it runs fine otherwise and never leave me.
Only happens after a rain.
The plug was tight but, the boot kept jumping up and down slightly. I'm sure the jumping was due to a compression leak but, I'm not a certified tech so when the #1 plug blew slap out of the head and tube. No it is not in the cylinder it is just gone....what I need to know is where to start and what to replace

I messed up my first post this is a revision sorry
I went around a corner hit the gas and heard a loud bang when I got back to pop the hood and the spark plug was just going to boot me laying on top of my valve cover where do I start what do I replace
said that aluminum pan was temporary and that the threads will stretch. Is this true?
replaced trans. Filter
Replaced trans. Control shifter
replaced Output speed censor
Still doing the same thing!! after replacing parts test drove the speedometer dont work now. Also Error P0700 popped up?!!
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