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I tried to start my car today and it wont start. It will turnover, but if I try to give it some gas, it sounds terrible. Very loud, almost like a diesel engine. Any ideas?
Car sputtering with hardly any acceleration turn off key and restart and runs fine for a bit then loses power again until put it in nuetral kill motor and restart and run fine change the tps sensor and still getting code p0122
Metal tubes below manifold look rusty inside, what is the name of those tubes.
have no back-up lights after transmission replacement
My car heat and rear defrost was working just fine, once I changed the fuel pump the heat and rear defrost stopped working, how can I get them to come back on?
have a cracked oil pan need to replace/fix
What would be the fix for this car flooding out ??? It shows no codes when hooked to a machine
It wont run it turns on but it wont run when i accelerate it it wont move it stays on 0 the breaks and steering wheel feel loose when i try to run it.
My manual transmission will go into any gear with engine off.
With engine running, when I try to shift into gear, any gear I can feel something catch and try to slightly move in that direction.
As well I have no engine code and master cylinder seems to be working, as I can see the slave cylinder pushing out. When engine is not running, so I could be wrong.
Thank you.
I was driving at about 35 mph when my car lost acceleration. I let off accelerator and resumed with no response, I then tried to brake but no response. I made it into a turning lane where I finally came to a stop. turned car off. wont turn back on. turns over, tried twice, . hazards and ac work.
New. Battery. Car drivrsd wel
No coding.
I have an 03 dodge neon sxt. 2.0 l engine. I took it to a mechanic and had the shocks, struts all 4 mounts, oil change and an alignment done. My steering wheel now shakes and so does my dash. I've broight the car back to the because it didn't do it befor i had the work done and they cant figure out what's wrong. They cleaned the fuel line and plugs but it still shakes. I've had to bring the car to them 8 times since the initial work was done. When it gets below 1000 rpms is when it shakes. What could they have done to make my car do this?
The timing belt is new
The timing chain was replaced 10 months ago problem seems to be after the battery took a dump. Has new batt now but runs like crap!
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