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My neon only over heats during the Arizona 100 degree weather. When the temps is 90 and lower the car does perfect. When the temps reaches over the 100's i can drive for a little with my a/c on then that's when the over heating starts then i have to shut my a/c off, even sometimes turn on the heater to bring the car temp back down to normal to get to my destination. Things that have been replaced on it water pump, hoses, and radiator cap. I only run antifreeze in my radiator no water. Any ideas from what is have explained would be greatly appreciated.
where are the freeze plugs locaded at on the car
I ran over a tree stomp not to long ago and my break light came on. I put break fluid in there and the light came off. Shortly after it came back on. I'm sure I have some type of leak. Anyone know how much it will cost
All the lights and stuff works just don’t have any motor piwer
I have change computer, compression repair so they told me ( ?) and check electrical system but car still stall but engine sound and feels good
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When engine has warm up
How long have you had this problem? 2 years
They try to put a car alarm in my car and had my 4door open and it say fuse so what that mean
How and where are the door fuses located on a 2001dodge neon se
I have 2001 dodge neon and my check engine light is on on my trip meter reads p1684 what is it
battery wont stay charged, fuse flashes on dash
I was on the highway and it just cut off and I was going about 50 mph it duse it all the time I was told maybe the fuel pump is getting hot idk
I turned the key on and off three times and have a diagnostic code.want to know what the code is saying.the code is p-0743?
Car starts but doesn't run and before it excelerated in 2nd gear but lost gump going in to 3rd also started making a grinding sound up under floor and started noticing a electrical burning smell
It started then died as I pulled out. Now will not recrank..
my 2001 dodge neon was broken into 2 months had to replace steering column , the skim immobilizer & ignition coil and it still wont start was wondering if I use the computer from the car in which I got the skim immobilizer and ignition coil from would it start
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