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I have 2001 dodge neon and my check engine light is on on my trip meter reads p1684 what is it

battery wont stay charged, fuse flashes on dash

I was on the highway and it just cut off and I was going about 50 mph it duse it all the time I was told maybe the fuel pump is getting hot idk

I turned the key on and off three times and have a diagnostic code.want to know what the code is saying.the code is p-0743?

Car starts but doesn't run and before it excelerated in 2nd gear but lost gump going in to 3rd also started making a grinding sound up under floor and started noticing a electrical burning smell

It started then died as I pulled out. Now will not recrank..

my 2001 dodge neon was broken into 2 months had to replace steering column , the skim immobilizer & ignition coil and it still wont start was wondering if I use the computer from the car in which I got the skim immobilizer and ignition coil from would it start

Water pump failed timing belt broke.. I want to get a used motor to put in my 2001 neon SE but I wanna do some mods as well like putting the high output motor in it.

no current get to the coil

My car will not shift into any gear except when engine is off
How do I know for sure if it's the clutch and not the tranny

This car never had a problem never start a cut off. All of a sudden I go over railroad tracks pretty hard. Car cut off. Try to start back on, only dash lights light up, car does not make a sound. Any idea what I could check? Don't have access to testers. I'm very mechanically inclined, any suggestions would be helpful to check in this 2001 Dodge Neon. The alarm works perfectly, when I stick the key in the check engine light lights up.ignition and turn only dashboard lights work and I hear nothing. Car will not start. I have looked over wiring all looks ok. Anythings you think I can check please tell me. This is our only car and I need to get it working. Battery is brand new. When I turn the key in the ignition dash lights usually fires rite up. When I hit the railroad tracks I do remember a sound as if I hit it very hard, after that the car lost power.and won't start. Nor make a sound. But at night I set the alarm and it works properly like a charm. I really need to figure something out any suggestions, please.

my car is having issues when driving. we take care of our car but we seem to be having issues an cannot tell whether the motor oil is leaking or burning an how do we fix this and if its fixable an cost. we have a low income. we have this car for six months was in a wreck from previous owners. car does run and drive but not like it should.we changed the oil two months ago an again we checked the oil an it was bone dry