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Hi! I have a 2000 neon and it started making a loud grinding noise yesterday. When I started driving, it began to leak fluid. I believe the fluid was a combination of engine oil and coolant. There was no smoke and there were no signs of the engine over-heating. Eventually the engine light came on and the car stopped moving. The engine won't turn over, but makes noise when you try to start it. The fluid appeared to be leaking from the oil pan. Do you have any idea what this issue might be?
I put antifreeze in the car. 5 times in a week I went to every one and asked them what makes my car overheat all they said it was the thermostat was sticking and could not get air through the motor but the fan runs when I switch
Oil light on car cutting off doesn't seems full of oil but I seen some leaking out under my car
my dash and rear night time running lights and licence plate light keeps blowing the fuse why is there a short quick fix

my car overheated I replace thermostat, now when i pour antifreeze its leaking from bottom. i hope is not a cracked head please help!!
My 2000 dodge neon is overheating I've replaced the water pump/timing belt/ radiator/thermostat/thermostat housing/every hose imaginable/ fans/ and still keeps getting hot, what else could it be? There is no smoke coming out of the tail pipe, nothing mixing with the oil.
My dodge neon, 2000 es, 2.0L, would not start. I cleaned and refurbished the pos cable, it started right up, lasted a couple of days. Last night, drove it, turned it off, in five minutes time, came out and it wouldn't start or jump,I also tried another working battery, nothing. This morning, started right up, no jump...
Anyone know a suitable E-85 engine to use?
Car died at 30 mph blew starter and no re or drive and only cliks need help
How what's wrong with it?
It jusim wondering what the problem could be and how much it would cost
I checked air filter spark plugs they are all good help please

When I hit about 50 mph it starts shaking and gets worse the faster I go.
No warning signs i parked the car ten minutes came back out all the interior lights are bright but nothing when I turn the key. Not even a click checked the asd relay cause it gave a p1388 code didn't fix it and the code went away. Seen online possible ac fuse cause it powers the fuel pump but if its that it would still turn over. So I'm thinking starter problems but ive ever had any noise or any problems starting. Any ideas?
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