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how to fix . My cam sensor keeps going out and have had to replace twice already and about to replace for the third time.
Car will idle ok but bogs down on acceleration
Just replaced clutch cable, but won't go into gear
Couple things I have done replaced crank and cam sensors have swapped pcms have tested wiring to all three sensors at pcm its same as at sensors .8v when its susposed to read 7v to 8v. also when I check the b+ on the ign coil there is nothing. ko no fuel pump noise and fuel pump also has .8v the power supply to pcm is good and it is grounded as well as ckp cmp and vss lost and don't know where to go now. trying to save 100 dollars from the dealer. I would like a detailed description of the asd relay and how it works what makes it work. I believe that it my next step to try to get the car to start. any suggestions are open wish it was an easy fix like just replacing the ckp but its like diagnosing eboli.
Car will start fine and go, But while driving i will push on the gas and the car will not accelerate, I'll let off the gas and push again and it will randomly accelerate..
car suddenly failed to start after driving there isnt any spark to coil-spark plugs. getting fuel,
put new fuel pump and spark plug's what is wrong with my car
Took cam sensor off and there was oil on face of sensor and cam. I do not think that is normal is it ? I cleaned it and it is running fine now. Thanks for the reply. I really like this site, It is very helpful.
it still hesitates and dies . Fixed this prob. once before two years ago with new crank position sensor and cam sensor and was fixed. Can I clean the cam sensor or do I need to buy a new one ?
It looks to be in bad shape the wire , I'd like to know what it's called and the purpose of it . Please and thank you .
i bought a univerail raidtor,it could be use either automactic or stickshift! Now the hose don't seem to fit and it blows cold air in and it overheats and then the car turns off!
where is the evaportive emission system purge control valve circuit located at
front crankshaft seal replacement
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