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My mechanical neon 1997, is running smoothly and all of a sudden, the speedometer marks zero (kind of turns off), keeps running smoothly until one has to stop. Then it turns off (if you let it) and, obviously, you lose brakes, steering wheel, etc. It starts without a hitch and all of a sudden the speedometer starts signaling your speed. What can it be?
I put on a new belt but its running very rough
I have checked fuses and all good now I am thinking it is the clock spring am I on the right track
Is there a way to tell if you need a fuel filter or a fuel pump by listening to the clicks?
We have replaced: cam and crank shaft sensors, fuel pump, new battery and spark plugs and wires. It will stall at random also the check engine light comes on when hooked up to odbII reader it states random misfire on all 4 cylinders. I can drive when its 60 degrees or colder and it don't seem to stall, but once the weather warms up it gets more frequent. Usually when it stalls I will wait 10 to15 minutes and it usually starts back up
i replaced the fuel pump. there must be a short before the pump. but where? any ideas? i turn the car on & it blows the 20 amp fuse.
thank you
Ive already changed the plugs, wires, coilpack, fuel rail, and injectors and it still runs bad
lever will not move it. it is jammed i guess how do we fix this
also when its cold you turn the lights on and runs battery almost dead till it warms up
I just need the radiator to work I do not need the AC to function or hook up.
I have a 1997 Dodge Neon, it overheats off and on, I replaced the radiator, radiator cap, thermostat. The thermostat was stuck open so we thought it was that. but i was driving and when i start to slow down in traffic is when it overheats. the fans are coming on. I have no signs of a blown head gasket. The water pump is working, but my coolant seems to be disappearing. I drove for about 60 miles and left my car idle for about 15 minutes and it never overheated but when I slow down is when i notice when my temp guage starts to rise, sometimes it will go to the H and the bells will go off and then it will go back down to normal and then it will go hot again! My check engine light was on due to bad EGR valve so I had it turned off and it stayed off until my car overheated to the H and the bells went off. The car runs perfect otherwise. It doesnt do this all the time either, but i do notice that my coolant seems to go somewhere and there are no leaks anywhere, my oil is clear, I have no white smoke, no misses, no signs of a blown head gasket. This also started when i had my AC charged and I used it for a while until it started to overheat!
what steps to repair a 98 dodge neon 200 to replace the front crankshaft seal
electric fans coming on & off after turning heater on when cars cold?
I have a Dodge Neon 1997 whitch ws reset and needs to pass emissions, what is the drive time please?
I can smell something burning. A friend told me my caliper is locked up. I can hear a clunking noise when driving.
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