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Radio works, lights work, starter solenoid clicks but the starter does not work. A brand new starter also does not work.
TheIt all started after I drove it up rode sounded like my exhaust was rattling then the car shut off barely wanted to run acted like it had a horrible miss tried firing it back up it barely started then backfired an died has started since so then I was told its the hermonic balncer is wobbling checked to see if I have a bent valve or broke crankshaft those are fine its not showing codes it will turn over just won't start I was told it was the double pulley since its wobbling but I just want to be sure before I replace it any help would be appreciated.
I have had an ongoing problem with the engine cutting out, losing spark and just plain dying while driving! There was an oil leak which dripped onto the engine wire harness. It comes wrapped in some kind of fabric tape which wicked the oil right up into the junction box next to the fuse block under the hood and from there also into the PCM. Replaced that twice. Mechanic says wiring harness needs to be replaced. Reasonable charge (labor only) for a non-shop affiliated mechanic to do this? At this point there are no codes except for 12 (battery was disconnected last 50 starts) and 55 (end test).
Problem occurs every time it is driven for the last year and a half, replaced Cam sensor, Crank sensor, fuel pump, PCM (2x) cat & 1 o2 sensor, bypassed one fuse in passenger compartment, purge can sol replaced, full clean on throttle body, IAC motor & solenoid, and that kajigger that returns the burnt fuel to somewhere. It will also stop when idling. Not stall, just plain STOP.
Coilpk crank sensor built n it ok I'm driving the car runs perfectly fine for bout 2 weeks then all of a sudden start having fuel pump issues so get that runs bout another 3 days then fluttered out n would start bk but not make It a mile so get I towed bk n then replace the pump n filter still nothing but start maybe every 3 days for bout 30 seconds n sputter out so I replace the ciolpk/crank sensor now it'll crank n run but still sputter out wat could it be????
Changed fuse and new 25A fuse blows every time I turn heater on. Is the heater motor the problem?
Cleaned all passages in throttle body. High idle problem just started 1 day. Under normal driving conditions
new bulbs, and they dont work. friend of mine who has experienced this before said its the switch. So is that a common problem?
I was driving my car about three weeks ago and my check engine light came on, my temperature gauge was also reading hot but it always reads hot so I thought the sensor was faulty. My car started to get jerky and as soon as I stopped at the stop light it died. It turns on but it's still jerky. I haven't driven it around since it did that three weeks ago.
I put new spark plugs,wires,coil, o2 sensors, checked for vacuum leaks. The injectors are the only thing not checked
Heater will not work. Filled coolant yesterday now it's empty today. What is going on! Where is the coolant going?
My immediate issue is it eats up 3 quarts of oil per month. I don't see much smoke coming out of the exhaust, only if it idles like waiting to pick up daughter. I see a tiny drip by the oil pan. Is it ok to use that stop leak you add to your oil? It has a lot of miles so do not want to put too much money into it but it looks like new. SO, my question is, should I replace the oil pan,which I am not a mechanic and never done anything like this, or would it hurt anything just to add 2-3 quarts of oil per month? Oh, I have same issue as others with the water leaks in the rear floorboard and trunk and have used silicon which helped for a bit but always comes back. Ty for any help and advice and if there is a recall on the water leak problem.

my brake light will not go off and my oil light came on. both lights are on I have oil in my car and brake fluid is full what is wrong
ive replaced starter, ig swicth, fuesable link, relays,key cylinder,it will not start with the key but will if i jump the starter at the energizing wire but no power to start and run the car.
my son usually takes care of this. I am low on oil and need to know exactly where to put it. Sorry if this sounds silly
just died and wont start after hitting a pothole, what might be wrong and whats the fix?
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