2007 Dodge Magnum Questions

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They have caps on them that just spin and I can't remove them.
on 2007 magnum. Ac compressor dying.
and then the engine light flash 9 times can you tell me what the problem is is a 2007 Dodge Magnum with a 3.5 liter engine
While I'm driving my magnum at random times all my dashboard lights come on and my gauges drop to zero and go up and down while making a beeping noise, then after a while it stops and the engine light just stays on. It happens at least once or twice a month.What could this be?
Comes on and off sometimes stays on tried reset with key in on position pressing gas etc didn't work. Will be getting sensor today. Labor at mechanics is a bit to high for a problem with limited funds at the moment. Is the job to replace the sensor hard or complicated?what tools are required? Learning in progress here. Thanks for ANY input on this issue
I have no idea what that means and how to fix it. My car drives good no loss of power or anything.
We have had this looked at but no solution. The back wiper has stopped working. Sometimes my radio does not work. Today, water is dripping from the front,overhead light. Is all this related? Is there a recall that I missed?
My 07 mag has been having the problems that I'm seeing many mags have, such as dying, and sluggish acceleration now and then. One morning, it just wouldn't start. It would turn over, with a rattling noise from the engine. Tore it apart, and I found when I turned the main pulley, there wasn't enough attention to keep the chain in the teeth, push the tensioner arm in by hand, and it turned right away. The tensioner piece itself (I assume it operates like a gas shock) is depressed. Went to get a new one at oreillys, it's the same way, says it needs to be extended, but doesn't say HOW. ... very frustrated, please help
The fuses did not look blown but changed anyway to see if that would the problem.
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