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All these problems started at the same time. I was told that there is an electronic module that controls these. My turn signals work but not on my dash. Is this an expensive fix? I read somewhere online that Dodge is retro fitting these cars with an outside key lock. Is that true?
As quick as this happens, it stops. problem can occur when I hit a bump driving or sitting at a red light. If someone knows a fix please help. I have been trying to find an solution with no luck yet.
HID headlight. Now experiencing flickering interior,dash,tailights. HID headlight's no flicker. What I mean by flicker is like the hazard lights flashing. After starting the engine as I step on the throttle the LED lights start to flash/pulse for 5 seconds then stop. Other times during driving at throttle up the lights would flicker continuously until I stop the vehicle and restart the car. Alternator,battery,-neg ground strap have been replaced. Rechecked all remaining wiring and confirmed no shorts all is good. Flicker is still unresolved. I read another article on this issue which explained that the ECM sends out a pulse to check for lamp failure, lamp OK. Because there is a delay in the stock incandescent bulbs when switched on we don't notice the flicker effect. LED lamps low current consumption and sensitivity to voltage change causes the LED lamps to flicker. The article advised an ECM flash update file#18003-05. Supposed to be the fix for the light flicker issue. I have not attempted this flash file update. Anyone know if this does the trick thanks for all your help.
before disconnecting the negative of Bat for 15 minutes if you operated turn signal left or right, the left always came on. All front lights work correctly
Now nothing works on rear, even with hazard lights
Where should I start t/s? thermaostat? resevior ca too loose?? help... Thanks AAron
I think something may be clogged because my car overheats even when i put anti freeze in it.
my car got on fire the other night and I have full coverage insurance and the insurance don't want to pay for the car to get fix or paid it off. Cause they say it was the battery. So I would like to know where to take the car. cause I seen that there was a recall on this kind of car with battery problems. So I hope you can help me out.
thank you !!!
How do u change out a power steering pump on a dodge magnum 2006
transmission professionals who I have asked gave me two different opinions. I wonder which is the right advice? I am not having problems, I just want to get it done. And does it make a difference by it being an all wheel drive?
what is the foot pound torque on the main and the rod bearing caps?
no lifters, I have been told it sounds like a carbon knock, I have tried a gas cleaner, and oil as well..any answer?
I just replaced the thermostat, thinking the leak was there but its not. Not sure where the water pump is located but the leak seems to be coming for a high position. It looks like the drips are concentrated just under the tension pulley, or slightly to the left of it, kind of hard to see. I only noticed the problem because my fans kept turning on. Then one day the temp guage rose about 3 quarters of the way, then dropped back down to mid way point. Fans blow cold air when they are on, but thats as long as there is coolant present. I hope its just the water pump.
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