2006 Dodge Magnum Questions

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Light switch wont turn lights off or on

Replaced bulbs but just doesnt work in the right tail light socket

I engine light came on n the code is po700 po743

I bought the car in October of 2011 for $5,250 - it was a repo with 134,000 miles on it. I have replaced the fluid in the rear transfer case, inner & outer tie rods, right ball joint, waterpump and timing belt.

I am smelling a sweet/exhaust smell in the car when the heat is on, but had it checked out from 3 muffler shops that have not identified any issues with my exhaust system. It has 170,200 miles on it now, but I am fixing things under $1,000 when it goes wrong before I trade it in. I would love to see it turn 200k miles, but is it possible it'l last that long? I love not having a car payment & the size of the car. It's going to be the last american vehicle I own though!

When driving on express way or wind blowing on front of car i lose heat. If the car is sitting still the temperature. Rise. I have replaced thermostat but no change

I have a P0420 Fault Code on my '06 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. Repair Pal said that some O E's, including Dodge, will fix it for free! I can't find further info anywhere on this site.... even though it says it is on here. Any help? I don't want to start replacing expensive parts if there's nothing wrong with them and the fault keeps coming back.
It has been running a little rough lately. But the fault came on right after my last oil change. I used the Lucas SENTHETIC Oil Stabilizer this time. I have in the past too, with no problems. And just the regular Castrol 5W-20.

All these problems started at the same time. I was told that there is an electronic module that controls these. My turn signals work but not on my dash. Is this an expensive fix? I read somewhere online that Dodge is retro fitting these cars with an outside key lock. Is that true?

As quick as this happens, it stops. problem can occur when I hit a bump driving or sitting at a red light. If someone knows a fix please help. I have been trying to find an solution with no luck yet.

HID headlight. Now experiencing flickering interior,dash,tailights. HID headlight's no flicker. What I mean by flicker is like the hazard lights flashing. After starting the engine as I step on the throttle the LED lights start to flash/pulse for 5 seconds then stop. Other times during driving at throttle up the lights would flicker continuously until I stop the vehicle and restart the car. Alternator,battery,-neg ground strap have been replaced. Rechecked all remaining wiring and confirmed no shorts all is good. Flicker is still unresolved. I read another article on this issue which explained that the ECM sends out a pulse to check for lamp failure, lamp OK. Because there is a delay in the stock incandescent bulbs when switched on we don't notice the flicker effect. LED lamps low current consumption and sensitivity to voltage change causes the LED lamps to flicker. The article advised an ECM flash update file#18003-05. Supposed to be the fix for the light flicker issue. I have not attempted this flash file update. Anyone know if this does the trick thanks for all your help.

before disconnecting the negative of Bat for 15 minutes if you operated turn signal left or right, the left always came on. All front lights work correctly
Now nothing works on rear, even with hazard lights