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Was at a stop light I tried to speed up to pass a car then my car made a weird sound then shut off while driving in gear so I had to press hard to stop my car from moving put it in park turn the car off then I tried to restart it and it wouldn't start.
An what was the cause of it leak in muffler maybe?
my o6 dodge ac is starting not work but some time it does work what does this mean
car still has power but will not crank over it just clicks and before it went out it would not change gears after that i plugged it into the computer and it gave me a p0562 code
Light switch wont turn lights off or on
Replaced bulbs but just doesnt work in the right tail light socket
I engine light came on n the code is po700 po743
I bought the car in October of 2011 for $5,250 - it was a repo with 134,000 miles on it. I have replaced the fluid in the rear transfer case, inner & outer tie rods, right ball joint, waterpump and timing belt.

I am smelling a sweet/exhaust smell in the car when the heat is on, but had it checked out from 3 muffler shops that have not identified any issues with my exhaust system. It has 170,200 miles on it now, but I am fixing things under $1,000 when it goes wrong before I trade it in. I would love to see it turn 200k miles, but is it possible it'l last that long? I love not having a car payment & the size of the car. It's going to be the last american vehicle I own though!
When driving on express way or wind blowing on front of car i lose heat. If the car is sitting still the temperature. Rise. I have replaced thermostat but no change
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