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My car will not shift out of Park, checked the owners manual & tried the manual overide it suggested but that did not work either. Any suggestions?? This just happened yesterday 7/8/16 with the car sitting in a carport like it always does, its the first time I've really had any major problems with the car & i bought it brand new, & have put about 130K miles on it in the 10 yrs I've had it.
I've had a rebuild motor put in and had to change the PCM and now iam having a hard shift into 2nd gear I've read it could be the TCM.
everything i used was stock except the shocks are bilstein they will not align it cuz it's too high what do you think i did wrong oh yea same springs
if i accelerate or go around a corner it will stall about 5 secs after then around 3/4 tank it runs fine
My car is leaking water from the middle of the car is this the water pump or something else
Soon as I pour water in it it begins to leak from the middle on the left back side in between the front driver and passenger side
When radio started having a short them it follow by engine turning off while driving but I manage to turn it back on until it just turn off on me while driving again n I haven't been able to start my car in 2 months
My 2006 Magnum has a recurring problem. The check engine light comes on and the computer indicates a problem with the oil pressure sender or sensing unit. Now it is also occasionally showing the oil warning light. I have ahd the oil sending /sensor unit replaced 3 times and it does not fix the issue. The dealer wants to charge me $560 to replace the sender again as well as repair what they claim are wiring issues with the pigtails. They assure me this won't fix the problem but is required for them to continue their diagnostic evaluation. Anyone have an idea???
My magnum has lost all power and I can't open the rear hatch or lift gate. In other words, what should I do or is there another way to open the rear hatch without power?
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