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cranks idels but want go
My 2006 Dodge Magnum RT heat/cool control is intermittent. Sometimes when turning from hot to cool it stays on hot. How do I check the temperature control? I hear no noise under the dash .Thanks, Ken
My temp control doesn't adjust temp anymore. everything else in the climate control system works fine. Just can't control the temp.
Electronic throttle control wire came on done
I am getting no power to the air conditioner / heater, I know the air conditioner is good what could be the no power problem
How long have you had this problem? Not long
My actual key will not unlock my door on my 2006 Dodge Magnum. But the remote unlocks the door
car suddenly quit, wont start, turns over, but wont start etc light on dash is suddenly on what do i do
i put new starter n sparkplugs
Dash lights go out and the headlamp switch gets super hot. Fuses are all good.Also lose heater control lights. When vehicle is shut off and cooled down when started the lights all workfor a period of time.
My Dodge Magnum 2005 was overheating I change my thermostat and it still was overheating
Thought the head gaskets were The gaskets appear ok, no sign of them blowing out. where could the oil be coming from to have more pressure than the cooling system. there is no coolant in the oil. I have the heads clean and they appear ok. drove the car 5 miles and it pumped approx. 2 quarts in the coolant. I have checked the gasket around the oil port in block, seal ring appears intact around both oil pressure ports in block.
Every time I make a trip with my car... have to keep it full with water in the radiator overflow and the water at escapes very quickly but I cannot find no leak. I'm wondering is it the hose or the thermostat
How much will it cost to gix
Parts include all control arms adjustable ball joint and sway bar links
Replaced every spark plug and every coil pack, fuel injectors, did treatments, checked wires to coils. Keeps saying misfire in cylinder one
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