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I hit a deer on passagener side damaging headlight, bumper and grill. The air bags did not deploy. My car stayed running until I cut it off to wait for a police report. When I went to start it, everything is normal except it doesn't try to turn over.
In my dodge magnum 05 the heat had never worked for more than 6 yrs, last Thursday I had a check engine and I scanned the car and found the codes U1403, P0700 which I erase before I get the problem fixed. I was going to do some work on the steering wheel and last Saturday I disconnect the negative from the battery and let it sit over the night. And yesterday which was December 24th I got no cool air at all only the heat is working now. As I said before heat was never working. I went under the hood to check the A/C compressor, it worked fine and when I touch the cooling tube it is supper cool that's mean the A/C suppose to blow very cold instead it's contrary. Need some help please because before even I put the heat all the way to the max, I will feel no sign of the heat and now it is visa versa even I turn on the A/C I only got the heat. Please help.
I turn the key and hear clicking cum from the back, I did the key code trick and no codes showed up 05 dodge magnum
Smoke coming from truck area where fuse box and rear end battery are located may have gotten wet
It turns off and on

What seems to make the problem better or worse? bumps
How long have you had this problem? monthes
I have a 05 dodge magnum 5.7 hemi ..So I've had an issue where my car just stoped out of no where I was told it was an alternator and the tuneup I got those two replaced .. only to still put it in the shop they didn't find anything wrong but one thing and that's the anti theft alarm my car starts but want stay on unless I stay on gas so I was told to go to dealership to get a new programmed the key I have had no key fob with it so I'm guessing it locked me out does this sound familiar to anyone??
Changed thermostat and still with same result any clue what it could be
So I bought a 05 Dodge Magnum i check the oil and it's grey when I whip it off the dip stick but it's still kinda brown smelled like oil kinda looked like it till I whipped it off wat does this mean
Something keeps draining my battery if it sits more than a week without driving it
Gave someone a boost and now my car won't start. When I turn switch I can hear fuse click.
Still misfires what to do next.check engine light comes on while idling
I asked a question a couple days ago that freedom auto answered. I an't drive over 40, car starts to jerk/lose power. I changed transmissions, sensors, and still the same!

Do I need to have PCM flashed to recognize the newly installed transmission? I'm on vacation in a week, I would like to come to freedom auto and get a complete diagnosis.
What would cause the vehicle to jerk, and not go past 40 mph with pedal to floor? Driving between 5 and 39 mph, vehicle drives fine transmission shifts correctly. I tried cleaning the throttle body, changed evap, still the same! engine is not throwing any trouble codes either
opened tail gate and closed it worked and once open and close driver door it worked
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