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I was told that my evaoorator is likely leaking as I have no air Conditioniing either.
Only after long steep downgrades when you apply the brakes the whole car really shutters and feels very unsafe. It does not do this when applying the breaks on inclines, flat ground or short downgrades. Any idea what is wrong?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? bad vibration only when braking on steep downgrades
How long have you had this problem? years
Why do I only feel air conditioner blowing when I turn it on at my feet after replacing the car battery?
Air in back stopped blowing, replaced fuse, still not working.
A.C. doesn't blow as hard as it used to. We have added Freon and changed the filter. It mainly blows outside temp air and will switch over to cold for a few seconds then back to outside temp air. We hooked it up to do a diagnostic but doesn't say anything is wrong.
Traction light comes on the engine light flashes what does that mean
my traction light keeps coming on and then this red light starts to flash
My cars in the driveway for a week when I went to drive it again the battery was dead put it on a charger it started up fine but when I started it up the dashboard would not work including the speedometer, gas gauge everything in the dashboard tried to disconnect the negative cable and positive and touch up the 30 seconds that did not work either. Radio and AC stuff work fine
Started 3/5/17 stays on heat no matter what setting
Front air works fine back one doesn't
I need to know why this is happening with my vehicle.
Tried to drive battery light came on now
twhy the ac blower on the paseger side no work who fix and, and ac raley location.
One afternoon last week after a storm, my car wouldn't start, it's only 3 yrs old and has 38,000 miles ruffly, I thought maybe it was the battery, tried to jump start it and now nothing works.
I am about to deploy and my husband relies on my car. The dealership service department is rude and no help. Can you guys help me?
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