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So I have a Dodge Journey 2010, first the horn would not stop blowing, we took the fuse out. Now it won’t start, so we jumped it. Let it run. Thinking there was no issues, until we tried to open the door and nothing, the emergency key won’t open the door. So now I can’t get in to yo do anything
The third brake light will not work
All I can see is the temperature control it won't even turn off from the power button.
Bought my car Dec 2016. Started to notice in Jan of 2017 my FOB didnt always work. Started with remote start,then locking and unlocking doors. Now it doesn't work at all. Thought it was battery so I replaced. Worked intermittent for a week. Now doesn't work at all. Suggestions or am I not the only one? Btw...has happened with both FOBS
When air conf runs don't see any water on going and air cond is not cooling, Freon presently swrvices
It doesn't slip just won't go into drive tranny fluid is clean no sign of metal or burnt fluid
plugs wont work
replaced the cars battery 3 times.
new key fabs and batterys in them.
have to jump start car intermittently, dash says key not detected
I have dual zone in the front and the back has their own system as well. The dealer I bought this from checked the system when it was 75 degrees outside so of course it was blowing warm but not near as hot as the driver side.
I hear this buzzing sound coming from my A/C. It happens when I go above 45 MPH and I can hear it louder when I reach 50 MPH.
What causes my dodge journey to shake, mainly I can feel it in my steering wheel when I apply the brake.
While driving. Winding noise coming from power steering area. Drove a few day. One day just stop working. Won't start at all.
I bought my car at 81000 with the horn problems. The dealer tried telling me there was nothing wrong with it. My brother is a mechanic but hasn't worked on new cars. He hears the clicking as it was a relay but we can't find it. We took every relay out of the fuse box under the hood and it was still working!!!! Can someone please help me?
Radio dropped most all rf signal but very local channels. It happened gradually over about 2 weeks. What's wrong with it? And how do I fix it?
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