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My dodge journey 2009 has a code problem and I don't know what is the cause
Came on...had diagnosed was advised its gear 3 & 4 module problems..which rep said could be a cyclinode ...please help ..what do i need 2 do
the lights come on but then quickly shut off, seat never gets warm
It's just started about a week ago have not moved it sense what could be wrong with does it need an transmission oil change or could it be something worst
additive and other engine quieting oils. the ticking will stop for about a week or so then it would start ticking again, what is the problem?
Dealership told me of only one and I see 6 on your list
I'm a single mother of two children on a fixed income. As I said above my car overheated for the first time I have 80,000 miles on my vehicle I used to always faithfully have tires rotated and do all the maintenance work now do two things being more hectic obviously get my oil changed always but some things I've let go but nothing that I think would cause my car to overheat I want to know if anybody can answer the question like possibly what could cause a car to overheat if anybody could throw some prices out there so I don't get ripped off when I do take it in and also I live in Michigan so if you know of any resources that help people with having a car is repaired I will gladly take the resources because I'm in a very bad position right now financially and I'm not that as you stated in cars and I have been ripped off in the past I really appreciate it and so glad that I found this website thank you
May run for days ,at normal temperature. Then suddenly overheats and boils over. Check coolant level and add about a half gallon of coolant. Wait until it cools down. Starts back up and runs at normal temperature again for several days or a week plus. No sign of leaks.
Dealership says unable to duplicate. Screen comes on but no sound, either the radio nor the phone. If I turn off the car and wait 15 or 20 min then restart it then I will have sound. Dealer keeping car for another day but extended warranty runs out in a week. Sometimes it works fine.HELP!!!!
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