2009 Dodge Journey Questions

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Defroster works fine just the vents on the dash drivers side throws hear the dash vents on the passenger side throws out cold air
Why does my odometer reset to "0" miles when battery is removed. in my 2009 dodge
No heat passenger side, replaced blend door actuator. Still no heat. Any suggestions? Think of flushing heater core
Why would it blink
I was told the blower door was stuck....where is that located and is it an easy fix.....2010 dodge journey
Blows hot on drivers side cold on Pass.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? It just won't start.
Was driving and didnt notice it ran hot until the beep on my car came on and steam and water spewed. I was told I blew a head gasket and my reservoir had a hole in it.
I left the key in the ignition and when I returned the battery was dead, I used a jump box to get the car bak running but now my air conditioning is not working.
fasten seat belt light, brake light, esp,bas, abs are on, door lock will not engage pushing button on arm rest
observed steam coming from under car, and coolant leak at rear center of engine...cannot see origin of leak.
Upon accelerating on highway, steam was noticed coming from underneath the car...arriving home I noticed temp elevated, and coolant loss under right rear side of engine compartment onto suspension.
I removed the blend motors and checked them and rotated the dampers manual still did not help. There are three on the passenger side.any advice

Some recalls but none on all of these problems
I looked on YouTube and this is a common problem after you replace the starter...I can start my car in neutral..why is this happening?
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