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when you start car it idles kinda rough but when you drtive it it runs fine only idles rough in park
I make sure to add enough coolant and I always change my motor oil a couple of times a year. Only recently, the car overheats so much that I have to stop along the service road and wait for it to cool down until I can drive it again.
I never had any issues with the underside of my car until recently. Every time I park my car and come back the next day, I would see a pool on the floor of my garage. It seems like it's the transmission fluid is leaking. I've went through potholes before and it never had this problem.
When I first got my 2003 Dodge Intrepid, the front tire rods were aligned. But, when I went to fix my car much later on, the mechanic said that I needed my front tire rods to be aligned.
Could be the problem
doesnt have abs
It started three times then it didn't even want to crank any more. Every thing looks normal except it won't start.
We have changed the water pump, upper and lower mainolf gaskets, compression test, replaced radiator, and coolant recoervy tank, along with hoses.
While parked, to bleed off air, at 2000rpms for over an hour doesn't overheat. Took it for a test spin, it overheats. Takes a while, maybe 15-20 minutes, under various conditions, uphill, flat, downhill. Always overheats. No signed of any leaks while parked or running. No diagnostic codes.
Any thoughts on this overheating issue
I stop see motor oil is low and cooling fluid is low too. diagnosis said P0700, transmission mechanic said $1,500 to rebuild the transmission, car can be drive in city but on freeway can't perform good, can you tell me, if can also is the transmission oil not been change
tranmisson wien could shif ok wien stop car shif down ,car will not shif up car trune car off restart it will shift but car will not go over 20 mil. hr
2003 intrpide will not shif after stop shut down car will shif but not go over 20 mil. hr.
3.2L with 67,000 miles. Plenty of charge on the battery. I managed to start the car and getting it home by turning the key/depressing the brake/taking it out of park and putting back in. It worked a few more times like this, but no longer. W intend to take it to a mechanic. But it doesn't seem like a starter issue. If this is a sensor issue or electronic, I would like to discuss the possibility in order to avoid paying for unnecessary repairs.
Sometimes feel a bounce as if low tire from driver side. Noise is worse when starting out, sometimes fades after driving a while. Doesn't do it all the time, when there no squeal, there's no bounce. Noise goes away on highway but usually comes back when in town again. Brakes were replaced, but not rotors, braking feels rough like warped rotors. Also replaced upper tie rod bushings, but no alignment yet.
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