2001 Dodge Intrepid Questions

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Air will flow out of panel or floor and then when car warms up switches to defrost vents air condition will come out of any vents like panel or floor or both only occurs with heat
A die test was done, the oil pan was replaced. It's still leaking. I have to add oil 6 to 8 weeks after an oil change.
when its cold it runs fine as soon as it warms it wont run utilk its cool
I can only drive it to one place and back. If I drive it for more than a few minutes, I can smell smoke and when I turn the motor off, clear smoke pours out from under the hood.
I believe I can change out the drivers side front door. I need to change out the front fender and is there anything I need to look for or do to make sure I change out them correctly? Thank you, CDHop
A week ago it went from first to second but now all we have is first and reverse tryed to change the tranny fluid and is still having the same problem it's not making any noises but during disassembly the ground was loose along with both battery terminals poped right off I'm not sure if it's the tranny or if something shorted out
What could my problem be besides blown head gasket? Yes travelling 105mph and accidentally shifted my auto shift back into third gear and then heard a bang and lost all power and oil went everywhere. Tow truck had lots of oil on it as well. When I try to start it up it smokes and very rough engine movement and loud. Third gear very bad goin that fast I realize. Prior to that, no problems at all with heat gauge or oil pressure. Any ideas
head gasket enough
What price engine replacement in may area 05156,I think about it because the cost of repair exceeds the cost of the engine , Thank you Kaz
It give no problem until then, changed battery and tried to turn over slowly but could smell the starter, what could be wrong? The starter would not have caused it to just quit? I can't crank it a brand new battery, has 130 thousand miles, but has always done good, I had changed the battery about 3 months ago, it had been in there 8 yrs. cranked every time until it quit and then this happen!! Put another battery but still clicks tried to turn over a couple times but smells and gone back to just clicking!! The starter has never done this!! I need some suggestions!! Thanks!!
I been trying to change my camshaft sensor but i have hard time to locate the location of the part
air bag light on..says some thing about right
have had transmission work done cause it was jerking when taking off after a complete stop.. don't do it all the time just after driving it a distance. it is still jerking after all the work done
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