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My car had a bad gas smell but I can't find a leak anywhere I even took it to three mechanics and they couldn't find it either.I took the head off and checked the fuel injectors and o rings but still see no leaking so what else can it be
My car has been deteriorating for years. When I was driving, it would sometimes jerk, and when I looked at the dash, the RPMs would be at zero. A second later, they would be up to the proper spot. Now, the RPMs don't go back to normal. My car jerks, the steering will lock, and I'll be forced to yank my steering wheel to pull over. This has happened several times, and the amount of time it takes to get my car started has gotten longer and longer. I had to get it towed at one point because it took so long and I was in a dangerous location (interstate). It was in a parking lot for two weeks after that. When I came back, it was so dead that my car wouldn't even unlock electrically. I had it jumped and it worked immediately, but after driving for fifteen minutes after the jump, it died again (steering wheel locked and the lights all turned off). I jumped it again, but it didn't work. I had to push it into the parking space. I have asked tons of people and they don't know what's up. Help!
My car has been diagnosed with coolant in the engine oil. I took it to a shop today at 11:30am and they called just before 4:30pm to tell me they cannot figure out why there is coolant in the engine oil? Is this something any shop can diagnose routinely? I have been told that this particular engine has the evil water pump that has a rear seal that can fail and actually allow coolant to leak into the engine. Could the be missing this possibility? Would the normal tests to check for blown head gaskets/warped heads clue them in about this water pump? It may not be the water pump, but for some reason they can't figure this out and it appears I have to pay them to diagnose, but I will have to find the answer for them.
runs at 2300 rpm on start up
The noise occurs every time while driving.
During a moderate wind the trunk will slam shut with out warning.
The noise is not from the road. The problem occurs every time driving.
Never had any problems, but only had the car 5 months. Has 157000 miles
After starting the engine, I smell gas from the top of the engine around the fuel injectors.
car cutting off, acting as if i got bad gas, reves up, in park
The acuator won't blend heat I can't get hot air only cold
Open the doors and no lights come on. Press the map lights and nothing works! Dash and instrument lights work fine.
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