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they tell me I have a short in the instrument cluster and HVAC Module. But I concerned because the instrument cluster shows all gauges working and has never presented a problem. However the HVAC Module does not show the display unless I tap on the dash. Which I agree it might be bad. But due to the cost of the cluster I concerned about paying $1273.10 for the instrument cluster. How can I confirm it bad also.
Climbing hill withe the pedal floored very hard
I replaced the plugs and it still acts as if it has that miss still
drove home light came back on. do I need to reflash computer or new solftwere what should I do please help

i have had it in the shop twice and it won,t stop leaking.they replaced the gasket twice and sealed it,but after one day it leaks again. this will be the third time and its leaking even more than ever now. any ideas on whats the problem. please help
my 1999 dodge intrepid turns over but will not start
Drivers side power Window wont go down, figured it was just to cold in the winter and got stick. I have looks at the fuses and they are all fine. I can use all of the switch's on the driver side panel to control the 3 other power windows, but the drivers won't budge. I have no clue if the motor has gone or if the lift plate bent or broken Or of I should get a new regulator/motor.
Just changed battery, same issue. Could this be ingition switch or cam sensor?
I have to switch the wire harness and computers? Do I have to switch trannys to?
Code points to cam sensor but new one installed. Tach goes ballistic tho engine not running with key on after stall. Yesterday stalled, restarted after fuse checked ok then quit after 3 miles driven and fuse blew. Fuse replaceed no other issue till next drive. 15 miles, stalled, fuse ok restarted right away.
how can I repair it if needed to so
I have tried replacing the air filter and oil change added some zmax multi system microlubricant and I'm still having the same issues. The car idles rough, at stop lights, both when its cold and when its hot but more frequently when its hot. Occasionally while it's hot and I'm cruising at a steady speed there is hesitation in the engine. The engine is a 2.7 v6, on my 1999 Dodge Intrepid se. The engine is not throwing any codes.
put it down yesterday worked fine today will not go up window motor is operating and it is pouring rain
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