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Q: Dodge Intrepid 1999 Stalls and fails to start. on 1999 Dodge Intrepid

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Sometimes while driving the car will die, just the engine, electrical ok. Often it is hard to start might take 3 or 4 tries before turning over. I have a 3.2 engine. Checked the codes there are no codes set, changed the MAP sensor, nothing. Thinking it may be the Camshaft Position Sensor? Any Help would be appreciated.
Before you replace any other parts, you should check the trouble codes in the computer! Also, check the common problems page, it mentions stalling problems due to other issues!
sorry forgot to include ... I did check the codes. All zeros no code is set and the check engine light is not on.
Do you have a way to check your fuel pressure or test the fuel system? The check valves in the fuel pumps can wear and allow the fuel pressure to bleed off causing the long crank times. Can you tell if your fuel pump is making more noise than it should?
Still Malfunctioning! Will eventually start if you keep trying. Sometimes dies while driving. Replace Throttle Position Sensor, drove good for weekend than started again having problems.
Found it! Turns out it was the CrankShaft Position sensor. Chenged it out and car has been running great ever since!
My car a 98 is doing alot of the same stalling,won't start sometimes & takes long periods of times. Been going on for a month now help??
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