1998 Dodge Intrepid Questions

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It wont drive. Dies when you give it gas
My car won't start
Engine will shut down if I don't hit the gas and try's to shut down while driving on highway
I just changed the solinoid pack, and still no shift and shift solinoid c code.
can it be mechanic said it is not battery or starter
I just bought a used dodge intrepid, the oil light comes on and when I start the car there's a weird noise and the car shakes. What's wrong and how much to fix it?
I pulled off the fwy to go home, and it was a miracle i made it off the fwy, cuz I was on complete empty (gas) As i pulled into the parking area the car lunged/jerked as if it didn't want to move forward. I managed to pull into a stall to put gas. However the car would not start and hasn't since. I had a mech look at it and thats where I got the "No Spark" to injectors. There is no check eng and I did replace the crank sensor.
R134A is required refrigerant
I replaced the coolant temp sensor and the gauge still doesnt work. I have power at the plug and the gauge works if you test the wires at the connector. wht can it be???
i replaced the catalyatic converter(left bank) the o2 sensor, crank sensor, and have had it diognosed 2 times and no codes or stored codes. i have great gas milage and it dont over heat.
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