1997 Dodge Intrepid Questions

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slow to gear up sometimes ijust need to know what type of tranny fluid
1997 dodge intrepid 3.5l have a catalytic converter
When it warms up it has a miss
I just replaced the radiator and thermostat and the radiator cap because they the radiator was leaking but now I found a new leak it is on a metal tubing connecting from water reservoir to water pump I need to know what it is called so I can get a replacement part for it.
there is no noise but water is dripping out of it when i have it sitting in one spot with it running for a while
How long have you had this problem? about amonth
it started shaking while it idles now
Changed the fuel pump & the computer could it be the timming chain
I just replaced my fuel filter and pump but my care is still having trouble starting and staying on. What else do I need to fix this problem?
My speed Gage is going crazy .
Stuck at 120
The water pump and thermostat hoses have been replaced Also the relay for the fan and the car is still over heating
Last september the car just stopped.I have been on here for this intrepid starting with grounding straps. Then no fire. Then no fuel. So I replaced pump in tank.crank sensor,cam sensor,all wires, coil pak and plugs. Several other items including ignition switch. Now I am at the computer. A friend told me special points I should check on there for voltage and good ground. It all checked out okay. When I went back to him he said, well, we know the computer has an issue. So he sent me home with another computer and the car still would't start. If I tested all those connects and got the right reading why would he consider computer to be bad. Why would he be so adamant about it. Isn't there something between the computer and coil that could have gone bad. My friend ziptie 12 has helped me a bunch with but I think he has limitations right now. Get well quick. Also 2 people have plugged their hy buck scanners in and it will not let them in. Your thoughts would be great appreciated.
No leaks
No other problems
And the dipstick is showing a good level of oil
Odometer is only at 160k miles

I'm not certain what grade of oil is good for this engine. Right now it has 10W30 in it.
I already asked question of why no spark on 3.3 intrepid but for got to mention I also replaced the ignition switch alon wit crank sensor,cam sensor,coil pak, wires, plugs. Still no spark . Why. Please help.
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