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2013 Dodge Grand Caravan
I cannot pull the third row seats up. The bigger seat has the pull cord. The smaller seat does not. They have always worked before. But now they feel locked. They pull up just a little. But nothing more
I live in 11706 area code. I have a 2013 Flex-Fuel Dodge Grand Caravan. All the gas stations that sold E-85 gas don't sell it anymore, why? And I've been using reg gas since, will it harm my system, it's been over a year now. Should I start using Super or Premium gas?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? seems like it shifs better when ther is more weight in van
How long have you had this problem? a couple months or more
The ksy fob stays in the ignition but wont stay connected and the van dies...even while driving
How many miles did any of you all have on your vans when you experienced this issue?
Sometimes the heater blows cold air only on the driver side
Both key fobs will start van but no longer lock/unlock doors, open/close back gate and won't open/shut sliding doors. Chang ed batteries, checked fuse, cleaned connections and still nothing.
I had shuddering issue with caravan it's a 2013 when it rained it happened more often so I'm driving down the highway in rain hit a moderate puddle on passenger side van starts to shudder again get home and van dies. I find out the air intake is about 18 inches from the ground facing the ground not enclosed. So I found out I got water in my engine now it has to be replaced. There are other people with exact issue and dodge won't admit their design issue. I just want to warn others that the dealership changed every part on my engine and could not figure it out. Also the dodge dealership got the ok to change engine then 2 days later the supervisor gets a email asking to get pics of air box air intake etc. He had never been asked to do this for a blown engine before. Even he agrees dodge knows it's an issue but won't admit it because they knew exactly where to look for the problem if you guys can do anything please help me on this matter thankyou
A diagnostic test was done both times. This happened in in 1 weeks time. It has costed 1000.00 and the problem still exist.
rubber hose directly under passenger seat on coolant line cracked. What size rubber hose do I buy to replace hose?
all electrics {Saturday fuel read empty, Sunday vehicle started then shut off all electrics Monday warns gascap when checked was secure}

My 2013 Dodge Caravan had been doing the same thing, completely shut down while driving the other day, had battery and alternator tested and were apparently
Good but was tested when battery light was off because it will come on and off intermittently. Can alternator read good if light is off, yet it still be the issue?
Coil". We were told that it may miss occasionally,but would not hurt anything. However we are getting ready to take a trip of about 1000 miles. Do you thing it would make it that far with no problems? Thank you,Gary I am not sure what the code was or how long it was on because my wife was driving.
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