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Others suspect battery, but I think car would run with dead battery off generation system. Why die while running?
I bought the car about a month ago and I have notice the light in dash blink once and the clock on the radio reset itself and the car died. It restart right away. it happens twice so far once while the a/c was on and the other while coming to a complete stop. the previous owner was not helpful and said that is why he sold the car with no warranty whatsoever
Code P0755. How much is it to replace solenoid pack? Looking for a reasonable shop in Berkeley, Ca. A shop I found wants $3,200 to rebuild transmission.
Bought van used 3rd party. They told us it needed a vacuum pump. They also said something about putting ice pack on this part to cool it down to get the van home. Also told us that auto zone code said something about emissions. When the van gets warm you start to hear like this whining sound and then the transmission don't want to go into gear properly.
Dodge Caravan 2012. While cruising along open highway the front brakes smelled bad and were found to be very hot. After 15 minute cool down, I resumed 60 mph driving. Soon a soft howling noise came from front wheel area and some steering wheel vibration lasted for about 10 minutes...then all was fine for next 50 miles and brakes had cooled down at destination. Next day when backing out of driveway, the brake pedal changed from normal pressure to a momentary rock hard feel. As the pedal stiffness changed, as short humming sound occurred....then the brake resumed back to normal feel. Is this a brake computer or ABS problem?
car is staying half hot from C/H needle
Light came on while driving home, also the oil temp never reached above the cold line on the gauge. And i had barely luke warm air coming out of my heater. I did not have my code reader with me so I did the "key dance" to see what code would come up. No code was given and then read DONE. Any ideas where to start trobleshooting?
what is a reasonable price to repair one wheel lug bolts and spinedal
What seems to make the problem better or worse? don"t know
How long have you had this problem? don't know
Mileage on the van is less than 60,000.
they just do and only 46,000 miles on it
Van has problems starting intermittently. Took it to a dealership, was charged 120.00 and told it had a loose battery cable. It started doing it again. Read a couple of forums that seem to think a neutral switch that Dodge calls a TR sensor is at fault. Does anyone know how much this costs or even if I'm barking up the right tree? Shifting can be rough at times, and there is a distinct clunk when engaging transmission from a stop at times.
I went out to the van and put the key fob in and the man didn't start. It started making clicking noises and the lights on the dashboard started flickering. The key fob was stuck and I turn the van on or turn it to the off position. My husband got the key fob out and opened the hood and looked at the spark plugs. Some were clicking and vibrating. He ended up disconnecting the battery to make it stop. Later we went out to try it again and used the regular key instead of the key fob. This time the GPS screen displayed "security screen" and wanted a security code punched in. If we try to turn the van on it goes back to the clicking.

Also randomly the other day we came out to leave and the van was in drive when we got out there and not in park .... don't know if that is related in any way or not.
Just got back from a long road trip from Florida in as soon as we got home I know this this knocking noise sounds like it's coming from the intake but it only does it when I am sitting there at idle and doesn't do it when I'm driving around
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