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the a/c is not real cold anymore
Po84b code says low fluid is one problem and shift module is another
Our van was completely dead, so I got a jumpstart. After driving around the neighborhood, I came home and parked it, and turned it off. The next morning it was dead again. Got another jumpstart, and came home after driving it. After 1 hour, it was dead again. Is it the alternator that needs to be replaced, along with the battery? Or is there something else going on?
Replaced alternator on a 2011 fudge caravan crew flex fuel van. Now it has the code "no fuse" and won't start. Please help
The dodge dealer said it needed a soft wear update. But when they did the update it still did the same thing
I have a p0420 code i do not have signs that engine is idling bad or running at lower power and i dont want to replace the catalytic converter if i dont have to
MIL is on, read errors came together P0128 and P0740. How to fix it? What may be estimated cost of repairs?
I don't think it's my thermostat. The problem I'm having is that I have duel climate controls settings in cab. The passenger side when placed on cool still blows out heat. The drivers side does get cold when turned to cold. Do you know why this is happening?
If Not what is the estimate for repair?
The check engine light is coming on and staying on. I was told that I have an emissions leak causing the switch to stick so it needs to be replaced.
we had the drivers side switch replaced in the window still don't go down on my caravan don't know what it is the vehicle is a finance vehicle
I have an error code P0158 bank2 sensor i know of the 4 sensors and where they are but not sure which side is which on my motor setup... couldnt find a straight answer on google. Thanks
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