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2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE catalytic converter going out how can I fix it and is there a recall on it?
This is a stow-n-go model. I don't see how it is attached. I removed all nuts and bolts visible, and it won't budge.
occasionally power door locks activate with no one near the vehicle
There doesnt seem to be anything that triggers this problem it happens just out of the blue. I was told about tipm issues but everyone wants $100 just to check to see if the tipm is the issue. I have no issues replacing it but if it's not the culprit that would be a waste of money. Ideas? Suggestions?
the brake abs and traction control lights are coming on sometimes when its started sometimes not till you turn the wheel or hit a bump could it be a sensor loose or bad
Had a cracked hose going into the heater core, had it replaced and fluid topped off, fixed the issue with no front heat but still no heat in the rear.
How to make Uconnect work if it's not available in a Caravan radio .
Can this yr caravan be reset
Why is van shaking when you step on gas
Why is seatbelt light on after the shaking started
Why is check engine light not on anymore
Does not do it with accelerating or decelerating just maintaining between 35 and 40 mph
There are no change in button lights when pushed from vent to defrost or AC.
The rear overhead dvd player comes on and says "dvd player." When I insert the. dvd, the screen goes dark and nothing plays. You can tell the screen is still on but there is not picture. I really don't need to spend 500$ on a new one so, if there is a cheaper way, let me know. Thank you very much.
my van has a broken cruise control stick that almost caused an accident entangling in the steering wheel ,key fob does not work anymore ,i use the extra key and sometimes it will not let me remove the key from ignition ,passenger side electric sliding door opens and closes on its own while driving or not, CD player will not eject disc stuck in it ,some speakers do not work car has brand new battery and sometimes will not start and has to be jumped also most of these things happen frequently and dealership we bought from refuses to replace or repair things even though we get recall notices in the mail they tell us we have to pay for all repairs for recalls . how and what can i do to get these things fixed before i have a bad accident due to the faults in this vehicle ?
Just found anti freeze in oil.
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