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the freon is leaking and the mechanic said it is the rear condenser, I'm looking that up and there doesn't seem to be a rear condenser. Just a condenser online. Don't know what to purchase to fix this problem
While turning front wheel locks up. Making a loud ticking sound after 20 mph, doesn't increase or decrease with more speed. Locking up then releases after slowing down it's the right or passenger side. No vibrations or pulling.
Should a timing belt be replace after it broke on a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan with a 4.0 engine.
Third time in repair shop for leaking A/C. Replaced A/C compressor but still have a leak in system. Where are most leaks found?
2009 dodge grand caravan - is the front blower motor fused? My manual shows a fuse for the rear blower only?
2009 dodge grand caravan - is the front blower motor fused? My manual shows a fuse for the rear blower only?
I park on a slight sideways angle and some oil like liquid keeps pooling in the low corner through the carpet. I used an extractor to remove it once, and within a week or so it was showing signs of coming back. What is it, where is it coming from & how do I fix it?
The van and it moves. What could be the problem
Some Dash lights come on, gas, speedometer, and temp stop working, wipers come on, but drives fine?
Doesn't happen all the time but after sitting for awhile
When I turn on the heater it blows only cold air and when I turn the car off I'm unable to start it again. The dash lights fail and I have to jump start the vehicle, which starts immediately. I also hear a clicking noise that seems to be coming from the TIPM when this happens. I have no problems starting the car as long as I don't turn on the heater but with Winter coming I'll need to use it. I've replaced the battery and cleaned the cables, which were corroded. The heater worked fine last winter. I cannot afford to take it in for repair.
runs and idles bad replaced throttle body with used throttle body did not fix run codes and it come out as cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor po 340 po 344 can you help
Whenever I accelerate, even up to 30-40 mph, my engine sounds pretty loud, especially when I am doing 70-80 on the highway. Also, when I veer to the right, the noise becomes a little more guttural and louder. Is this an exhaust issue or is my transmission slipping and revving to keep up? There is an exhaust smell if I do not use the air circulator while the A/C is on...
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