2008 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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I heard a clank when starting to drive my van and felt like I ran over something metal then steering wheel shakes when I drive and van pulls to drivers side. What could this bee
Sputters when I start it like it doesn't want to completely start. I rev it up to get it going usually works but has gotten worse. When I drive it it runs great except for when the gas pedal quits working and then will work again sometimes it dies while I'm driving. I need to know exactly which part to get. I put new battery in and had oil changed. It has new plugs and wires and water pump reservoir thermostat and housing. It jerks a little too when the gas pedal kicks in again very strange.
08 Grand Caravan SXT came o.e.m. w/16" wheels but... 2 of the wheels have " chunks " knocked out of them due to curb job. I have 17" wheels I'd like to replace them with and want to know if they'll fit with proper tires of course. Probably mess with my speedo a bit but what about transmission, computer, etc ?
Unrecognizable symbol stays on' bought used no book.
Everything controlled by the multi switch blinks on and off. Along with all the dash gauges. I have already replace the multi switch. What's the next step ECM or PCM. I called dodge and their isn't a BCM on a 2008. Which all the sysmtoms point to a BCM.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Hot days make the symptoms more frequent
How long have you had this problem? Intermittent for a couple years
Took my dodge grand caravan 2011 into dealer for T33 recall fix. Steering wheel wiring. Left unable to drive. The traction control light blinks and upon pressing brakes they grind and make weird noises. Went right back they tell me it's a clockspring issue and took out a fuse so I can drive home. They say the wiring issues with the recall masked the clockspring issue that's why it wasn't apparent until now. Is this true or did they break something and want to charge me $500 to fix it?
Is this a heater core issue?
We have had issues with the VES not ejecting DVDs now it will not let me load one. The DISC like just blinks.
Weve had issues with a dvd not coming out now we can't get one to go in. The DISC light just blinks.
i after parking for an hour my van wont start thought it was the battery bought a new one drove for 1/2 mile parked for a little over an hour and it did it again all lights are bright but when i turn the key it acts like the battery is dead if i jump it awhile i can get it started again and it will start a couple more times then do it agian please any help woul be great
how to reduce the consumption fuel
This just happened Monday and just got van back wensday then my brake lights were on and staying on
We has a new engine put in....
Now the EAS light/car with squiggles behind it light/engine light is on.
My question. ....
Why could these lights be on?
The belt squeals a bit...when started.
Have drove it as of yet.
Any suggestions. Please.
Thank you so much.
In need of my vehicle badly.
When I'm driving I will have the eas bas, abs, and the sliding light come on solid while driving. While they are on my cruise control shuts off. I'm not sliding when this occurs. What is happening?
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