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Went into the store one day and came back to a van that wouldn’t start. All electricity worked, so battery isnt dead. Had it towed. Starter is fine. Replaced battery in key. Mechanic spent 4 days looking for problems, couldn’t find anything. Started up out of the blue for him one day. It ran for four days, and shut down again and won’t start. Key turns in ignition, but no cranking. A light clicking comes from The battery area if you have your head under the hood while trying to start the car. Any ideas?
I replaced the door panel switches and I still do not have any lighted switch is there a problem?
I have a 2007 dodge grand caravan I have had a hard time fixing a low voltage problem I have replaced the sensor and wiring harness the ecm and the cooling fans and still have the same problem is there hooked up to the computer and it says the engine temp is 375 witch is not right and the cooling fan runs nonstop when engine is running any help would be great thanks in advance
All the fuses look good, no power at all.
When we fill up with gas our engine hesitates when pulling out of the parking lot(runs rough like it is missing or fuel is bad. Sometimes it has even turned off. After driving about a mile it does not give any more problems.
This it has shut off. After I turn key off and try to start it it starts right back up. I have added fuel injector to it twice but it continues to happen. Could I possibly need a purge valve?
We bought this van used this winter. The front heater blower motor worked fine at first. Then it started sounding like a dinosaur was in the right front dash and it would cut in and out. Now with the winter burst of cold air, it isn't working at all and it is the only vehicle we have so I have to crack the window to keep it from fogging up. Any clue if it is the motor that went out and how do I go about checking it out??
Cannot even take van out of park to have it moved out of the garage it's like the connection with the key is bad
2007 Grand Caravan SXt. AC not cooling, had it checked,could not find leak,topped up freon. Added die. Worked one day, took back. Says needs Vaporizer at back, replace at cost of $1,000 approx., or close off system to back at a cost of $400.00.
Car only exposed to elements minimally for one winter, previously stored in winter.
in may/12 high quit on the front fan, then in Oct the ac quit, I took it to CTC, they say there are no leaks and system is at proper PSI, in march/14 front fan quit completely, as the weather warmed I noticed hot air flow when moving even with the sliders on cold, turning on recirculate solved that, but since yesterday it blows HOT air all the time when moving and won't stop
They stay on when i turn off the head lights. But do go out after about 3 minutes. But over the last few days they just turn on any time. Even when the car is not running.
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