2006 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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Mechanic "thinks" it is the fuel pump. Turn key and tries to start but doesn't.
2006 Dodge Grand Caravan
Splash guard to pr email is goodotect the altenator
i checked the tires for wear and looked and felt for bumps but the tires look good
Have a vibration at all speeds. In town driving and Highway but less noticeable the faster I drive. I can feel it in my seat and in the steering wheel. About a month ago I rotated and balanced the tires, and before that I replaced right front tie rod. Also a new transmission and radiator. Doesn't leak anything. In the colder air, below 20 degrees my steering wheel makes loud noise similar to friction sounds. What could these problems be?
How many miles on the van?
feels like transmision is sliping in and out of gear oils fine replaced throtle position sencer already what could it be?
No power going to blowers. What could it be
we have air that blows out of the back vents but nothing blows out of the front vents
the code that shows up is a misfire and lean air/gas mixture. I've had the spark plugs, wires, map sensor, coil pack and catalytic converter replaced. the van still hesitates and when i first start car up, the check engine light blinks until I drive for a minute. Thank you for any advice.
the problem occurs at 1800 rpms or less
the instrument cluster gayges don't work
Car will not go in park gear
REcently replaced OEM spark plugs, and wires, fuel injector for cylinder #4 along with o-rings for all injectors.. replaced upper intake manifold gaskets as well with injector repair. Cleared cat converter, no it is open, recovered plenty of power, and improved fuel trim.. still has a constant misfire at idle. Throttle response is good, full rpm range performance, dedicated misfire cylinder # 4. New engine air filter, cleaned throttle body, egr seems closed, pipe does not get hot... purge valve opens & closes.. did not run elec diag on wire harness.. injectors pulsing well.. Thinking of blocking egr, and pulling front valve cover to inspect springs, not sure where else to go.
Went to test drive a 06 caravan sxt that had 99,000 on it drove great but the check engine light was on and I saw no mechanical failures. Any help?
looking for an under the dash fuse box? I have not seen any sign of one. In the owners manual I read a reference to a circuit breaker under the instrument panel next to the steering column, but no mention of an under the dash fuse box. trying to get my radio to work. fuses in the ipm appear to be good, most are new but I have no power to the radio plug itself. thanks for any info.
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