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someone tried to steal my car.they took the ignition switch out but i managed to put it back in. The car started but shut itself off 3 times.Now it doesnt turn. All the lights and notifications are on but no crank. I looked online and a video told me to interlock the plugs on the battery..i did that luck..
i replace a new radiator and i believe air is in the cooling system i can fill the radiator up in a few minutes the water go down in the radiator what cause the water to keep on gown down in the radiator? i drove the vehicle and i had my scan tool hook up and i was checking live data the temperture gauge went up to the red mark and my scanner show 251 but when i cut the engine off i didn't hear the water boiling in the radiator what cause the gauge to go up to the red mark? seem like the faster i drive the higher the gauge go up but when i slow down the gauge come back down to 1/2 mark if the enging was overheating wouldn't the water be boiling in the radiator what cause the gauge to go into the red?
2005 dodge grand carvan 3.8L cooling fan run all the time when the engine is running.
the radiator is leaking at the top.
Can i put fender from 2010 Grand Caravan on my 2005 Grand Caravan
Head light just quit working. The fuse it shows in the book, has no fuse? And they work before?
I will reprogram my key fob and it will only work a couple times before I have to reprogram it again. I also just replaced the battery. I have the key fob with the lock unlock and open/closes the sliding doors. Any suggestions?
Hello my 2005 dodge grand caravan was recently broken into, my steering column was destroyed basically, my mechanic replaced the entire steering column with the column of a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country with keys & all, my van will turn on but won't stay ON, it's like is stalls out maybe not getting gas. Please any input would be greatly appreciated. It's the only vehicle I have and really need it to get my kids around. Even the mechanic is at a loss I think. Thank you!
I notice that the window work better when the drive side door is open but not all the times, some times the window go down automatic like supposed but go up little by little after pressing the switch several times,
my 05 caravan HVAC blower works on all settings however, after about five to ten minutes of run time the fan will begin to decrease in blow speed. it's like someone turned the fan selector to low but the selector is set to high but the fan blows as if it were set on low. in some instances where the vehicle was turned off, then restarted the fan wouldn't run at all.
How long have you had this problem? after replacing the A/C compressor about three months
when I step on the gas my car just sits there for up to 20 seconds or more and then all of a sudden it takes off
is there a recall on the gas tank ? Very low gas mileage 13 to 15 mpg
this happened 5/7/17 this is the second time someone has this trying to steal my vehicle
Crusies control not working
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