2004 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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is it a fuse, or blower motor, what is best place to start looking,?
checking out this
owned this van for about 4 years bought it a ticking noise and been driving it for all these years with it abot 40000 miles now went to a bunch of repair shops when purchased and wanted to get the ticking fixed all sayd not to worry the nature of the beast and just put heavy oil in it ...well did that still there oil run synthetic in it and no change ... ive flushed ,put additive in it everything and still there ...i read it is the rocker arm shaft pin in your blog is that the direction to go or should i do the lifters and are they common love the van does a great job had one before with 280k on it and wish i never got rid of it but it was getting there any help thank you
i can t believe there s no diagram where it shows the name of the fuses in the IPM for my van. It does not come in the manual. i m having trouble to find the power outlet fuse. need to be more specific and considered with customers don t you think
My transmission stays in low gear. The code I was given was P0755 which indicates my transaxle solenoid needs to be replaced but a transmission shop tells me it's probably my transmission is gone and needs to be rebuilt. Please help,are they trying to take advantage of me because I am a female?
doorlocks all quit working. Within a few days the speedometer came back to life; but the radio was sporadic. The doorlocks only work when vehicle is started remotely.
Horn sound is weak. Need location of horn assembly
I don't want to spend $500 unless I know for sure that it isn't something like a switch or so.
My horn does not work via the steering wheel. The remote door locks make the horn sound. The airbag light is NOT on. I have already tried fuses and replacing the clock spring with no improvement. I am now assuming it is some electrical issue but don't know exactly where to start.
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