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When I purchased it a yr ago the latch on tailgate was not operable, the only way to access rear was to use key to unlock while lifting, taking key out before lifted away from latch would resulted in remaining latched and locked. I really would like access in any way at this point.
i just had new brakes installed 2 weeks ago and now the brake lights in the rear of my car blink on and off randomly. Also the dome light comes on randomly without being turned on.any ideas.
Van sat for too long while I had heart surgery and battery required charging. Now I cannot have it smog tested because OBD EVAP and OXY SNSR HEAT monitors won't reset. License tag expires Feb.2. Any help appreciated!
some time when I stop or slow down completly the presure light come but geos off soon as I start moving and start after my second oil change from regular oil 5w-30 to full synthetic oil 5w 30
hi i just scanned my dodge caravan and the check engine light has been on for a while now and i had 5 codes come up they were p0442 p0455 which can either be the gas cap or leaking hoses. also p0301 and po304 which is cylinder #1 and cylinder #4 misfire and also code po300 which is random misfire...but the car feels great to drive except a winding sound when its warming just wondering if this needs to be looked at right away and if it doesn't well further damage incur on the vehicles engine.
The flasher indecators say there working in the drivers seat but not in the lights had a mechanic look go through all the wiring and they found nothing so far
I know where to adjust but what size socket goes on the little peg in the hole? Is there an adjustment for left/right also not just up or down?
its doing it all the time
occurs every time their used.
Have my van at auto shop, they diagnostic said it was the wire harness, now it's replace and now they say computer modular. They are finding out and will get back to me. Don't understand why it didn't show up in the first diagnostic.
Does motor replacement require regular removal from the door? Or do I just tape the window glass in place and swap out the motor with the gear part of the regular included in the assembly purchased without a problem?tks
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