2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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I've had the van about 7 months. When I bought it there was a light on and the code read misfire on #4 cylinder. Car lot replaced gas cap and no problems until a week ago. Light is back on and van stalls out randomly at any speed. Sometimes it jerks real bad and sometimes not at all. I lose steering and braking ability and almost hit a car today! I also have random problems with my ignition switch...key won't turn the ignition. I have to keep trying til it unlocks. What could be stalling it out like this? Fuel pump seems to be working OK.

the vehicle was working well today but the theft light started flashing when I stopped the vehicle after five minutes

Sometimes when attempting to start the van nothing happens. Power is on (lights, radio, etc work) but nothing happens. No noises at all. It will start after several attempts by turning the ignition on and off. Does not quit running once started.

Seems like the brakes engage when putting it into reverse or drive, the vehicle should Creep forward or backwards but you really have to give it gas to get going and shutters bad at first. could it be a bad solenoid valve? I've checked all the brakes and they are fine, no hang ups with them. I could really use some help. Tranny shops tell me the tranny needs to be replaced but I think it something simpler than that.

Other than that it runs great and this only happens in the morning.

We have had it in for repair. The plastic part of the ignition was replaced, but it did not fix it. No one seems to know what is wrong.

fuel cap light comes on after I put a new gas cap. I want to know where the canister purge valve is and the vaper canester are.

How do you get the clearance you need so that you don't damage the fan on the pump when you put it back in the car

It feels like my vehicle wants to shut off every time I stop at a light and it sometime does as if the vehicle isn't getting any air?

When I purchased it a yr ago the latch on tailgate was not operable, the only way to access rear was to use key to unlock while lifting, taking key out before lifted away from latch would resulted in remaining latched and locked. I really would like access in any way at this point.