2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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My power windows just stopped working. They won't go up or down. I've tried the switch and fuses. Also when they stopped do did my rear wiper.
Sometimes I have tapped on the battery terminals and that seemed to help it start --- but I do not really think it made a difference. Sometimes I jiggle the key --- hold the key down for longer than normal. Sometimes I just wait a day and then it will start. ??????????
Never had any problems until this started
Has issues starting. Will turn over several diffrent times before starting. Sometimes it will die right away. The computer is not throwing any codes... Please help. Since july 2016 it has gotten a new ac compressor, radiator, fuel pump,& tension pully.
My 2003 caravan was stalling while I was driving and would start back up after a while. My husband changed the crank shaft sensor now it has not stalled but the speedometer when stopping at a light is staying around 20 miles per hour and the van is jumping. once I take my foot off the brake it dives great any ideas.
I just asked about my ac,another thing I noticed is the blinkers go haywire also,they will blink on wrong side. If I turn on left side the right side goes on. Just does this when ac messed up. Is there a connection between the two?
My ac sometimes works when turned on but sometimes will not come on at all. Blows out fine and cold when works. Just started this sometimes coming on and sometimes not. Trying to figure it out.
I Have the part just need it put in
3.3 lrt motor
checked codes twice nothing ran wire from sylinode turned starter did not crank ghanged electonice eginiton did not work dose not have chip in key
The issue is that my van does not have an egr valve. The egr valve is factory delete. How am i throwing a code for a part that does not exist in my vehicle? There is no wiring harness for an egr valve so i cannot do the resistor trick. I cannot pass mass inspection with the mil illuminated. I also have no place to install an egr valve or piping. There is just solid metal or smooth plastic where the egr would go. I will add that this is a E-85 compliant vehicle.
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