2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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low beam on one side, high beam on the other side,
one of each when switch is held.
replaced both bulbs, same condition.
relay? location?
I boughtvthis van not working was told the timing chain is shot and needs new ignition coil so I put new ignition coil on new timing chain put everything together and it just sputters a little. I put a spark plug wire tester on just fires occasionally. So is my next step replacing the timing sensor?
I'm working on the front blower motor and keep blowing the fuse but the motor never even turns on even tho I replaced the resister the motor and the fuse. I just can't find the disable
It worked yesterday but not today
It says done on the dash where the odometer is before it finally starts.
Changed starter, battery has 12 volts, plug to starter has 12 volts. When you turn the key on you can here the starter try click to engage but I have nothing else
Door was a pain to open and close and found the power door chain and motor beyond repair. removed the gear as suggested and door opens and closes real easy and it still locked until an idiot slammed the sliding door. Now have to manually lock it. In my neighborhood this is a problem :(
coolant leaking from the bottom left side under radiator near two hoses coming from engine -
This vehicle steering column has an annoying squeak when turned in any direction, and what is needed to fix it and the difficulty level? Thank You
I have an ABS Light on, and I need to pull the code off this vehicle, I have an Innova 3130 and 3160D, neither will do the job. Thank You
I just had my A/C compressor replaced because its bearing was gone. However, it's still noisy when A/C is running. Sounds like clunking or knocking noise! what else could cause noise beside A/C compressor? thanks.
My overhead light just above the windshield needing a new bulb socket replaced.
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