2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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Radio stopped working after my windshield was replaced. The EQ lights below just keep blinking. No Sound. No clock.
Code 1793 it just stops as I'm driving.
p0700 will come up. changed speed senor imput with no improvement. change tcm relay with also no improvement. friend thinks it might be the torque converter locking up
Relay switch for trany fan was replaced and she now will not start have checked all fuses replaced filler neck and took care of evap leaks can not for the life of me find a gas line diagram on my specific vehical its a 3.3 l v6 front wheel drive no lead fuel
The vehicle turns over fine but wont start it started fine yesterday . What could it be, it also has a remote start but i usually use the key. This is the first time its ever happened.
I replaced transmission had been sitting for a year
changing struts and my hubs what tools are needed sockets
2001 Grand Caravan, Sport Edition, 3.3
My engine light came on and I replaced the Ignition Coil. Came on again and I replaced plugs and wires. Engine light is off, but car still runs rough and hesitant. Can you HELP?
Vichle low in water do I start engine before adding water
The return line leaks
The leak is coming fromxthe hide of the line.
Is there a valve core inside like the low side of the unit
Prior to the problem the car started to lose power or reacted slower when trying to pass speedup
It did that before and I changed the intake manifold gasket and the map sensor and it stopped for a week but is now doing the same thing over again
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