2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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I replaced the fuel pump . Now the van will not start.
How long have you had this problem? since replacing fuel pump
Dodge Grand Caravan
on 2000 dodge van i pushed parking brake down. it is stuck and non responsive in down position. parking brake engaged. would like to find simplest way to release it until i can get to a repair shop. am i up a creek with no row in my boat?
When I move the lever to hot, it gets hot but when I move it back to cool it stays full hot!!! It will not blow cool air now, only hot.
Water comming from rear of motor to far back to be the water pump and to high up but cant really see to good also the a.c. lines where covered in sweat so wasn't the pully at the back of the motor below the alternator but above and to the back more of the water pump
My speedometer stopped working all of a sudden the RPM gauge hasn't worked in a while? I recently replaced the battery and the throttle sensor what could be my issue?
It stopped running while I was driving home I was going about 50 mph
Grand caravan sport.
Already replaced my water pump.
It reads slower than the driving speed
And I see no water
The alarm set light is on, turn signals and radio work and fan but the air quit.
The problem is when I'm driving there is a vibration.
changed my altinator and let the van run for almost 45 minutes to get a good charge and now the van will not start back up as if it hadn't charged at all. its got an all new battery and fuel pump and everything else is in pretty good shape
my friend completely removed the factory car alarm system and now the van won't start. all out all other electrical appliances are working they do not know how to diagnose and fix this not a mechanic
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