1998 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan that is beautifully camperized. The vehicle is completely spent and so I would like to move the conversion into a newer DGC. Can you please tell what years will the body be the same as the 1998 model?
My van runs fine except for the starter when I go to turn it over it clicks but doesn't turn all the way over. All the troubleshooting I have done points to the PCM I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 liter sport and I was wondering where it was located
Totally non functioning all the time.
Transmission does not downshift into first gear after a hard braking stop. then downshifts abruptly into first upon acceleration. where is transmission control module?
serpentine belt jumps off
can not move even in neuciral .what can i do to move it?
Ihave two codes 1491 and 0118,the van stalls now and then ,but it starts up again,Ialso have the same problem with a 1998 dodge ram.Does anybody know something really is a problem?
i can not tell how fast i go, how much gas or anything else. need to know how much part is and where i can get it fixed.
On 'Starting', Motor turns the starter, not activation of bendix gear. the gear is not extend to engage with the flywheel.
Ive replaced the headlight switch, the relays and the bulbs but still have no low beams or marker lamps, any ideas?
Tires are new.
rear brake line broke, but all are very rusty. this looks like a complicated diy job, local mechanic tells me time and material but dont know how long it will take, im curious what an acceptable price for this job would be
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