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I will be driving down the road and iy just shuts off i drive a 1997 dodge caravan abd also my back windshield wiper had ti be un plugged bc it wouldnt stop... and my windshield buttons are blinking
drive line output shaft can i remove it and use it as front wheel drive only
Transmission gets hot and slips or will not go in gear atall
1997 dodge grand caravan LE 3.8. Front & rear wipers not working. Checked motor, multifunction switch, fuses & relays, all are good. Front washer works, rear washer doesn't. When hit with the power probe at the BCM wire harness back wiper & washer work. Need all the layman's help I can get. If u could go over in great detail how to check wire harness with a multimeter would be great help. What wire/color to check what reading should or shouldn't they have for voltage and resistance in high/low/intermittent. It's a 4 wire harness red/yellow, brown/white, green /white, black. Go over the relay posts in the PCM and what readings should I get with a power probe and multimeter(ohms & volts). Some people say it could be the BCM but the vast majority believe it's a bad wire or ground. Hope I covered it. TIA
1997 dodge grand caravan LE 3.8. Front & rear wipers not working. Used test light have power. Checked motor it's good. Checked fuses & relay, are good. Front washer fluid works but front & rear wipers don't work & rear washer fluid doesn't work. Money is major issue, need all the layman's type help I can get. If u could also go over in great detail how to check wire harness with a multimeter would be great help. Which wire should be checked what reading it should have what position as in high/low/intermittent it should be in with the corresponding wire color etc. The same detail for power & resistance checks would be very helpful. There's 4 wires with stripes but primary colors are 2 on 1 harness are red & either purple or brown. The other 2 wire harness is green & black or blue. Possibly go over the fuses & relays again as far as with relay removed what post should light up with test light. With 30 amp fuse on the power distribution center both sides light up. Hope I covered it. TIA
Fuel pump works and getting gas to rail. Changed coil pack srill wont start
My van worked fine then wouldnt start . I changed the fuel pump and also fp relay. It Didnt fix the problem what should my next move be someone said could be (pcm) or coil pack??
When I take off my van shifts just fine until i hit about 30 mph, then the front tires actually stop for a second then it shifts and its ok, until I stop and have to go through it all again, we already changed half the transmission fluid, afraid if we changed all of it and the filter I'd have a complete transmission to replace because of it's age, already put a new shifting module (i think that's what its called), changed the fuse under the hood, I don't know what else to have done, as long as I go easy and slow to reach 30 mph its not as bad and first time running it after its sat overnight, is good, but after I stop the first time then it gets bad. please help me, I just bought this van, used of course, but it runs so good other than this problem, it has the 3.3 engine in it and is front wheel drive if that helps at all.
So my '97 is over heating unless we run the heaters at full blast at all times. We're pretty sure it's the thermostat, but are wondering if there could be a different cause.

What do you think, I can't afford to replace the van, and really want to be able to travel further than 15 minutes one way some time soon.

Thanks in advance.
I think maybe it could be the coil pack or the fuel pump which would be your choice
Last summer the AC seized up on my van causing the serpentine belt to come off. The mechanic that looked at it said the AC and belt needed replaced but if I couldn't afford it he would buy my van for $300 because he had one at home just like it. I said No! My son paid him in advance to fix the fan and give it a tuneup and oil change which cost him $525 and said it would only take a week. He has had my van for 5 months and always has an excuse as to why he's not finished. Like he claims all the hoses have fallen apart; the head cover was cracked when it wasn't; the radiator was full of stop leak which caused it to split open yet I've never used stop leak and I've never had a problem with the radiator leaking; he said the transmission filter had to be changed because it had metal shavings in it but it's only been a year since I had the trany checked and fluid changed and by the mech. who said it was in great shape; The only things wrong with it, other then the AC and serpentine belt, is the brake cylinders needed replaced and I had the parts in the van for me to put on once van returned and the Power steering leaked from the master cylinder but I couldn't afford to fix or have fixed! So I think he's swapped the motor and transmission!
Water was dumping in the passenger side at the feet. I cleared that line, full of leaves. Now it's damp inside and the fabric and carpet is starting to mold. When you sit in the drivers seat your butt gets wet.
now that i can think of that something has broken off an is in the way now i have taken apart the starter the best way i can but i still cant get it out
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