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Engine stoped once after lifting my foot off the brake. Started right away. A few minutes later stopped while at high speed. It took 10 min of trying to start. Check engine light on, but my reader showed MIL off, no codes. Worked fine for 2 weeks (MIL turned off), then it stopped again and did not start for a few hours, when it was cold. MIL on. No codes. Autozone reader got P0351, P0352, P0353. At the end of scan MIL turned off.
I will replace the coil pack, cause it's cheap. What else can it be? How can I check the ECM?
Thank you!
I first bought the van cc worked. I replaced the dash cluster cc worked 1 time. has not worked since
engine code P0340 no cam signal at pcm, what could be problem and the solution ?
played good,one morning nothin,no sound,checked fuses already and harness
That's about it its a 3.3 litre V6 rear seats are out
wont run and im not paying for a new engine which is what is needed.. plus lots of work needs done to the body before even considered safe.
When using key sets off the alarm.
Tried removing fuses but no dedicated fuse could be found. Happy to disengage auto lock & alarm
As per my previous post I replaced the PCM on my 1996 Grand caravan which started out as PCM not sending a signal to to 2 cyl's on the coil pack. Purchased a reman PCM and it started right up but had a bad miss presumably from the two cylinders that were fouled. Bought and installed new double platinum spark plugs. Now it will not start at all. No check eng. light and no codes to be found. I can hear the fuel pump and there's pressure at the rail. Tested for spark and I have spark. How is this possible with no ignition?
water is leaking out the rear of my van. not the tail pipe just under from the back
Van developed real bad miss. P0351 rec. coil pack circuit. Replaced coil pack. No change. Heard of faulty intake & clogged injectors. Sprayed Starting fluid around intake, no change in engine operation detecting no leaks. Disconnected fuel injectors one at a time at idle. Cyl. 1&4 no change in idle. Used screwdriver to listen to injectors. All getting ticking as it should be. Decided to change intake and clean injectors as a CYA move and was only about $30. Still no change. Ran compression check on all cylenders, 120-125 pretty even on all 6. Detected no fire from coil at 1&4 even with new coil. Checked PCM signal at harness plug with noid light for all 3 drivers. Grey wire (1&4) no signal, RY=good, UT=good, leading me to believe the PCM is at fault. Am I correct in this or could there be another gremlin in my engine?
max speed 55 mph , don't reach reasonable speed , no warning light as become light ever , only engine check light for few minute and then off .
How do I replace the heater core, and should the compressor be replaced as well? Water runs into the cabin of the vehicle, is a symptom of a faulty heater core?
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