1995 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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i had the transmission rebuilt 15 yrs ago . no trouble til now
Yesterday on my way back from the store a heard a loud snap and the car started didn't want to accelerate. I got the car off the road and cut it off. It will still start and drives but it isn't driving right. I only drove it a few minutes to put it into someones driveway in the neighborhood. It won't go into reverse at all. What might be the problem? Thank you for your help.
You can hear dull clunking going over bumps at low speeds, mostly sounds like its coming from the drivers side.
I HATE this van , but I can't get another car 'til this one blows up. I haven't done any service to it in over 11,000 miles no topping off fluids or anything. drive it like hell but the damn thing keeps going AAAARRRGH!!!!! HELP ME BLOW UP MY VAN! Only catch is I can't purposely drain the fluids , and running out of gas or crashing it doesn't count.
my mechanic said my van needs the harness to be replaced.i can't afford to install a new one,so one from the wrecking yard,would do it?????
my car gets to normal temperature and starts to miss or fails i give it gas but won;t respond i can hear like explosions and pulls back and forth
we have replaced the turn signal/intermitent wiper/emergency flasher. tried three of these. Then replaced the under hood 30 amp. fuse, and relay. the wiper motor is getting the power and signal, but wont work in intermitent or low/high. Any Ideas?
i used a hand held scanner it told me shift solenoid and egr vale so i replaced both the shift solenoid and egr and egr solenoid when all of this happend it was poping or back fireing though the intake now it sill not shifting right and some what sill poping have not fiugred out how the egr valve is getting water in it.
I'm trying to replace the rear wiper arm on my 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan and it seems to have stuck to the motor drive hub. A small part came off the hub and is stuck to the arm itself at the fitting. The motor works fine, but will I have to order a new one to get the small part I need? I've tried lubing and prying it out, but it seems to be corroded together very well.
From time to time, more frequently recently the engine will die when I come to a stop like at an intersection. No engine codes and the speedometer works. I have changed out the crank case sensor and the output speed sensor. I can't locate the input sensor, it's not on the front side of the transmission.
my abs lite remains on , fuses are good plenty of fluid in master cylinder..whats left ?
replaced the brain replaced the coil pack still no spark. checked fuses too no spark. What the heck!
the serpentine belt just came off didnt break tho, put it back on and now the van wont start. What can I check. Is there a crank shaft sensor?Any ideas?
I ran out of gas and my van was sitting overnight and when I put gas in it the next day it wouldn't start. What do you think is the problem, and what should I try?
speedometer stopped and trany stopped shifing, replaced the vss and fuses. not working. help
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