1992 Dodge Dynasty Questions

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speedometer works, but odometer and trip meter don't.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? sometimes it would work and then doesn't work at all
How long have you had this problem? almost year
It jumps after its started like 30 seconds after
The engine stalls out in hot weather with the A/C on. Waiting for about 15 to 30 minutes, it starts and runs. I have no idea why it does this.
I have three children and their seats swivel when I turn I have yet to find any child safety latches anywhere on the car and was wondering are they hidden somewhere or do they not exist?
My question is, can i buy just the cable? or is it all one part that I believe is called
the regulator
Do you have to take any additional parts off to change the pulley?
cliunking sound when the brakes are aplied
Check engine light is on. And it hesitates sometimes also,and then it runs fine again !!! Could it be the fuel filter
can u seal plugs without trans removal does water get into oil
What would cause water to pour from the engine? It's close to where the transmission is bolted to the engine. I put water in the radiator, it runs out from somewhere near the back of the car, close to the windshield. I've been told it's freeze plugs. If so about what should it cost to repair?
I was able to back up and release them a few times. After it is parked for a while, it seazes up. What do you recommend? How do you remove the rear hubs?
My daughter was driving the car and it just died. It won't start at all. It cranks but it's not getting any spark. I got the trouble codes and they were 12, 11, 43 and 55. The crank sensor was replaced, however it still doesn't start. Not sure if I should go ahead and have the cam sensor replaced or if that would be pointless. The relays have been checked and they're fine. Also timing chain is fine. Can anyone offer any ideas or have you experienced this same problem? Thanks
My car would not start after driving a few hrs. later it started right up but then blue smoke came out of tail pipe?
Need to locate the idle air control valve to clean it or replace it.
Can someone tell me where the turn signal relay switch is?
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