1990 Dodge Dynasty Questions

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why does it only work on the highest setting?
Gear indicator on column quit working so I pulled gauge panel out & found a thin green wire coming from indicator broken.How do I fix this?
Alot of electrical wont work
Its the plastic tubing that comes out of the firewall & takes vacuum from the brake booster check valve.
the passenger side Exhaust Manifold has a small crack in it, is there a way to fix it without taking the manifold off? Like an Epoxy or Liquid Steel or Header wrap?? The crack is near the bottom of the manifold so I do not think I can weld it.
Sometimes engine check light goes on and engine runs as if it is air starved. When turned off for a while starts up and runs smoothly.
Currently have to lock/unlock car from passenger side to avoid setting off alarm!
My car sometimes not always doesn't want to accelerate so i end up burning rubber or on the freeway i have to continue to floor it. I asked two mechanics and got different advice one thinks its an electical problem not getting enough power. The other said the carbon and gas isn't right and it needs a O2 sensor a new Catalytic Converter and a fuel filter. Any help is appreciated thanks
it was working fine after i shut off the car about two hours latter there was no blower , I checked the fusses and thy are fine
How do i turn off the anti theft system
When you put the key into the ignition, you can turn it and hear a slight click, but the car won't start and the engine won't turn over. I've tried using jumper cables bc I thought it was the battery, but the battery seems fine. What is the problem? Could it be a pin in the ignition is loose, or the starter?
The car is actually a 1989 dodge dynasty. The anti theft device has ran the battery down before because the light has came on when we did not know it. That has happened three times. A mechanic took out a fuse for the electric door locks and said that would take care of it. It did not. The battery has been run down again. We charged the battery and it would not start untill we put the key in the door to unlock it with the charged battrey in. The light went out and the car started but then the light came back on again once we turned the car off. Is there a way to permanetly disconnect the device? Right now we are disconnecting the battery every time we get home or will not be driving the car for a couple hours..Please help.
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